Take Care of Yourself. せめて、人間らしく






this is EXACTLY what having a cat is like

I snorted.

literally right fucking now

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so it’s highly likely that i’ll get that job selling pens at the airport - they called me back today

which is great cos money and also it might be an interesting job 

except the starts are at 6am, not 7am…….

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how many of us, as children, have had creeping thoughts of “i think i have a crush on somebody of my own gender” or “i wish i were another gender” and dismissed them so swiftly and so effectively because those ideas were unnatural and unconscionable that they never had the chance to grow into our identities? how many more of us, when finally told from childhood that queerness is a real and good option, will be queer and will love it?

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Études (Studies with oil on paper)

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Toji Suzuhara


Toji Suzuhara

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I am I 目玉焼きニットプルオーバー

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wtf……. HaTS„,]]…. feelings…. i’m…. WHY

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nvm i applied anyway cos like it’s the victor chang institute, it would look hella rad on my resume and like it might be a pretty cool job? i get to talk to people about medical research and it might be really interesting

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i’m really desperate for a morning job and one came up which would actually be perfect but it’s a really early start… and it’s basically just selling pens for fundraising for the Victor Chang Cardiac Institute at the departures gate at International Terminal at the airport… what do. do i do it? apply? 7am starts, but like international is not far from my house…

also parking is provided so i don’t have to worry about shithouse public transport

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[11:24 PM] Been a while since I wore this.

[11:24 PM] Been a while since I wore this.

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Beautiful Kaworu and Shinji from Evangelion Q figurines by SEGA

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